Our Memories of Michael



Can not say Michael and I have a lot of memories 

as I left home when he was only nine

 and by the time I was  going back home to visit he had his own friends and then he was gone from our lives for years 

I can say that it is not fair for my baby brother to go before me. 

It hurts like hell.  Mike and I had the best times over the last few years. 

It was one of best decisions of my life to go to MT to visit him. 

The only regret is that I did not do it sooner.  We are two peas from the same pod. 

Mike, I know you are out there someplace 

just remember we love you and miss you bro and you did it your way. 


big old brother john

When I think of Michael, I think of a poem by Walt Whitman:


This is what you shall do: 

Love the earth and sun and the animals, 

despise riches, give alms to everyone that asks, stand up for the stupid and crazy, 

devote your income and labor to others, hate tyrants, argue not concerning God, 

have patience and indulgence toward the people...

and your very flesh shall be a great poem."  


Michael, you left too soon, with many more lessons to teach us all.





Driven by his artistic craft and strive for the different path

Michael was truly unique . 

Generous with his time & talent 

he sought a betterment and beautification of the world. 

His work with wood and metal is wonderfully utilitarian

turning discarded, antique items 

into esthetic and practical parts of our lives. 

Michael had an amazing connection with kids 

showing them another side of the world we live in. 

He was at home in the woods 

and greatly appreciated what nature offered. 

His work endures in our houses and in the woods 

and will be valued by many for years to come.

We miss you Michael...

Mel Paret - Arlington, Virginia

We were different in so many ways

yet we had this connection that brought us together

He was genuine, down to earth, just amazing

the memories will never be forgotten

 for they were the greatest times

 He brought joy and a sense of freedom

 He could always make me smile

 and for this I thank him

His hands were rough

 the hardest working man I've known

 His hair was long and grey

full of wisdom and strength

 His spirit, carefree, out of this world

 Simply unforgettable

 His heart, open to all

He will always be in my life, in my soul

 Always my friend

Melanie Paret - Arlington, Virginia

Michael was my friend, not only my friend

but also one of my coolest guys that was an adult. 

Michael had a kind heart and thought about others and not himself.

Michael is gone now but he will always be remembered for his playfulness and kindness.

One of my most favorite memories with Michael is when we went kayaking on the lake and had a pine cone war with my buds Jason and Ryan McNabola.

Michael was amazing and accomplished many things in his life.

He had amazing carpentry skills and contributed his woodwork to many others.

Michael would always take time to sit down and play poker with me (with his money).

As one very generous and kind heart

he will always be remembered and always with us.

Chapman Paret


"Thanks for the ride on your beautiful airship, enjoy the other side."


Elizabeth Jonas


My Dear One


How can I ever begin to express all my feelings and thoughts of you

You are such an amazing human

You are the kindest, most gentle, loving, thoughtful talented one on earth

You bring such beauty to everything you touch

You give by example, by being

You inspire things in me

I thank you for being who you are

I love you

Happy Happy Birthday




Take time to remember who you are.

Each time you honor Self you allow your light to be lived fully.

The light of that Self transforms darkness.

As you love you transform what had not been loved back into its essence.

You as Gods, created this illusion for the purpose of knowing the nature of love

where love seemed not to be....

Fare thee well great friend and brother until we meet again.