Reflections of Michael

(These are all writings of Michael)


Be Kind

May your travels be blissful

May your heart guide your feet

May your soul know contentment

Until we next meet.



Living Wild in a Modern Society

How to Find Your Native Feet


Walk in the woods and feel the earth,

Absorbing its touch. Caressing it. Caressing you.

Calling you to another life.

Showing you another path.

Can I go?

Would I stay?

Is it worth my time to pray?


Take me where I need to go.

Take me where I ought to be.

Bring me to the ones I need.

Bring me to the ones who need.

Find a spot you could call home.

Follow it.

Taste it.

Talk to it.

Feel it.

Does it appreciate your presence?

You will know when it is time to go.

You can have places.

Several. Many. Lots.


You can learn to live again.

What is the better way to live?

Where is your honor?

What do you honor?

What should you honor?

Anything?  Everything?  Nothing?




When you do not agree with the laws or code of ethics

or rituals or beliefs or philosophies of the society (tribe)

that you are a part of,

and there is no allowance made for your practices of living

and virtually no chance you are going to change the tribal ways,

you go and start your own tribe

or you die living in disobedience to your own heart and soul.


I would much rather die living in obedience to my heart and soul

even if that ultimately becomes the very cause of my death.


T. Hawk



A Higher Path, A Common Goal


Step out of your world long enough to see another one.

If it weren't for the status and wealth and power we could all work together for the good of a common goal.

Can't we see what we are doing to the world?

Can't we find a higher path to go down before it's too late?

Does the 'best' of humanity always have to destroy everything in its path in order to be the best?

Search your soul - Look at what you have done to the world.

Did you leave it a better place by being here?

Is living better than dying?  Is there really any difference?

Only when you can find peace in either one are you close to having a balanced existence.

Your peace comes with having found a balance.

If you haven't found that balance - Go find it.


It's true to speak out for what you believe in.

Let the Gods be heard!

We all have the desire for ultimate freedom and redemption.

How else can we get what it is we are striving for?

Get upůstand up! Stand up for your rights!

Are you afraid to die for what you believe in?

Fear never did anyone any good.


Is It Time?


The birth of this country was one of modern histories so-called crowning moments. It was born out of the exodus of segments of the European population which had become increasingly disenchanted with this lane and stipulations said down by its mother country. It wanted freedoms that were not permitted to it. It wanted new frontiers and adventures. It was a noble cause but soon it became the epitome of death and destruction. What it didn't acquire through trickery and thievery it destroyed through death, destruction, starvation, and manipulation. What was then beautiful and wild and untamed yet in balance was the target of an intense hatred born on the wings of fear that the way of life they had chosen and the dreams they held would be thwarted by a society of savages. For all but a few in the new world the native were not much better than wild animals that had to be eliminated or at the very least rendered harmless by whatever means possible To us they had no purpose when they proved to be a more difficult adversary than expected an idea was conceived to destroy their food supply-another noble cause was begun. Eradicate the buffalo. When whatever native were left after the battles were fought they were essentially herded into concentration camps- We were the new proprietors of the land and we were the first terrorists of the new world. After enough time passed we held our position of power security without any sense of being the bad guy. Our conscience was eased by our deep seated religious beliefs that Christianity or some form of it dictated the need to tame the savage souls and the savage land. We could do no wrong. God was on our side. Of course, nowadays most people would acknowledge a mistreatment occurred and its "sad" What conditions the native Americans live in-but 'look at them'-they are still not integrating into our society and way of life. We certainly can't give them back the one they had. It has for all practical purposes been lost.


Now after so many decades and decades of establishing ourselves as a superpower and using our own terrorist tactics to stabilize one government while disestablishing another, still manipulating the course of history, deciding who we want or don't want in power we find ourselves face to face with someone we think we have the right to call terrorists. And most of the world now being convinced of our power and greatness goes right along with us.


We the people, if we go along with what our government says or does and we keep paying our taxes to them-essentially saying we support you, and then we are a part of that government. They represent us and therefore if someone wants to take a shot at the USA any of us are a part of that target.

America is supposedly finally "united" at a result of the recent attacks on it and that's what the president and staff wants us to believe. They feel they have a mandate from the people. Unfortunately when you get right down to it, I think you'll find a lot of people when they get honest about it know and sense that something is terribly wrong in order for so many people to have such a distaste for America and its consumptiveness, self-superiority, righteousness, covertness, and so on. Certainty no one is endeared by the loss of life-so then how can we turn around and start taking other lives-military or not without at least first trying to find the really cause of the sentiments and hatred held by these people. Killing everyone who has cancer won't get rid of the cancer itself. Certainly there is a basis for their so-called fanaticism. Why can't we at least call a truce and find out. Will we be a better, stronger, kinder nation by killing them all and is that the way it is to be from here on out? What is the example we are setting? Did these thousands of people die so that thousands more might die and then thousands more. Are we not willing to pay some karmic debt for the things done in the past? How can we find so much money for war and killing and even restitution to families and victims and businesses but all this happened? Or to find better ways to ecologically manage our planet while still maintaining a comfortable lifestyle so we can all live and breathe and eat healthier. Will we not be satisfied until we destroy it all? Can't we use these loves that were lost as a roach that burns lighting the way down a new path. Would that not be a better way to honor them than killing them?


We in this country have all learned a huge lesson from him. What is it that is really important to us? Things that are trivial melt away and the inner core is then exposed. Some say it's our determination to exact revenue and I say that is a mistake. Like they say "live by the sword, die by the sword."

We have stepped on people's rights in many ways and in many countries, we have taken people's lives in many ways. We have imposed our morality on many people. Who do we think we are-it is no longer "we the people'? It is "we the USA" and not everyone knows or wants to hear that song. The rest of the world has rights too.